I am pleased to announce that one of my star modules for XOOPS, D-Transport, an advanced download module, is almost ready. Probably some of you (users of my XOOPS modules) know it.

D-Transport is a download module that allows you to manage a section for downloading files directly in XOOPS. This module has a lot of features that are not present in other similar modules, until this moment. In addition, its administrative interface is very practical and easy to use, and the design of the frontend allows you to easily adapt it to an existing theme, or create new styles by default.

Some of the features offered by D-Transport are:

  1. Control panel with statistics and system status at a glance.
  2. License management for downloads.
  3. Management of platforms for downloads.
  4. Organization of downloads by categories and labels.
  5. Secure downloads with password protection.
  6. User control panel.
  7. Inactivity alerts.
  8. Multiple files per download.
  9. Manage screenshots for each item.
  10. Advanced control of editions and publications of downloads.
  11. Statistics by file.
  12. Voting by download.
  13. … and much more.

If you want to see the module in operation click here. Take into account that this is a demo site.

I intend to publish D-Transport as a Premium module, which means that it will have a cost that will include support and updates for a specific period of time (usually one year). So if you want to buy it, or pre-order it, write me to earn a special discount (I still do not have the final cost, but the discount will be very attractive).

More information.