The best available download module for XOOPS

D-Transport is a module that allows the creation and management of downloads in XOOPS. It has advanced features that make it the best option available.

Why is D-Transport the best?

Very intuitive

Full featured dashboard

Ganular permissions control

Password protected downloads

Secure downloads

Multiple files per download item

General and per item statistics

Licenses management per download item

Per tags and categories organization

… and many, many more features


License for a single website
$85/1 year
  • License for a single website
  • 1 year of premium support
  • Assistance on first install
  • 1 year of unlimited updates
  • Plugin Advanced Forms Pro con valor de 40.00 USD for free!
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Up to 15 websites
$160/1 year
  • License for a single website
  • 1 year of premium support
  • Assistance on first install
  • 1 year of unlimited updates
  • Plugin Advanced Forms Pro con valor de 40.00 USD for free!
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What does D-Transport offer me?


Thanks to the Common Utilities granular permissions system, D-Transport allows you to control the specific actions allowed, for each of the existing groups in the system. Imagine the possibilities.

Categories Management - D-Transport
Panel de Control D-Transport


D-Transport has a full featured control panel that, thanks to the possibilities offered by Common Utilities, allows a simple and efficient administration.

Categories management

D-Transport allows you to easily organize downloads into categories. Users of your website can easily locate what they are looking, thanks to the intelligent organization of the elements.

Categories Management - D-Transport
Gestión de descargas - D-Transport

Downloads management

Publishing, managing and carrying out actions with downloads in D-Transport is an extremely simple task. The control panel allows quick access to the most important characteristics of the download and gives complete control over the data.


In D-Transport, each public download can have multiple files. For much simpler management, download files can be organized into groups. This allows better maintenance of versions.

Gestión de archivos - D-Transport
Estadísticas por archivo - D-Transport


D-Transport offers you the ability to obtain individual statistics for each download published on your website, so you will be able to make decisions according to the popularity, daily behavior, etc. of each of your files.

Top design

The design of D-Transport is based on a system of templates that give it a formidable look, easy to navigate and fully functional. In addition it can be customized to fit your website.

Diseño superior - D-Transport
Panel de control Frontend - D-Transport


With D-Transport, each of your users, those with permission to publish, will have access to their own control panel from where they can edit, create, delete or perform operations with the downloads. The best: you have control over all permissions.


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What else do I get with D-Transport?

Actualizaciones gratuitas


Upgrade D-Transport for free for a full year after yout purchase date. Updates are made automatically through the system and include minor and major updates.

Soporte y asistencia


Receive all the necessary support and technical assistance, free of charge, during the whole period of one year. Includes troubleshooting, guidance and technical support.

Advanced Forms Pro

Plugin advanced forms pro

With your purchase, you get totally free the Advanced Forms Pro plugin, with a real price of 65 USD. This plugin includes new form fields like repeaters, country selector, icon selector, image selector, sliders, webfonts, etc.

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